We currently have opportunities for all positions: postdocs, staff, graduate & undergraduate students! 


We are usually seeking individuals with the following skills and interests, in no specific order:  


  • Molecular biology, synthetic biology, and/or bioengineering e.g. cloning, PyMol, developing and modeling transcriptional circuits, creating new mammalian cell lines

  • Electrophysiology e.g. whole-cell patch clamping of HEK293 cells, dissociated neurons, brain slices, and/or in vivo preparations

  • Chemistry e.g. of organic dyes/probes and proteins

  • Photonics e.g. lasers, custom microscopes

  • Electromechanical devices e.g. experience making electric boards and robots

  • Computing e.g. MATLAB or Python programming, Molecular Dynamics, automated image analysis, modeling gene circuits

However, commitment, creativity, and resourcefulness are more important that prior knowledge of specific skills. Applications from women and from groups traditionally underrepresented in the sciences are particularly encouraged. 


When contacting François St-Pierre (, please include your CV, up to 3 references (if applicable).

Summer opportunities:

Interested undergraduates seeking to work in the St-Pierre lab during the summer are encouraged to apply to one of the following summer programs. Please indicate your interest in the St-Pierre lab in your application and also email Dr. St-Pierre to let him know of your interest:

  1. The Summer Medical and Research Training Program (SMART) at Baylor College of Medicine. This program is open to both US and non-US rationals.

  2. The NSF Research Experience for Undergrads (REU) in Multi-Scale Biomolecular Networks (NSF REU BioNetworks) at Rice University. This program is only open to US citizens and permanent residents:

Undergraduates can also contact Dr. St-Pierre to inquire about summer opportunities outside of these two programs.

Opportunities during the academic year:

Undergrads from Rice University or other Houston-area institutions can contact Dr. St-Pierre for opportunities during the academic year. Preference will be for students willing to make a substantial (1-2 years) commitment to the lab and who can perform research for credit


The St-Pierre lab can accept students from the following graduate programs.

Baylor College of Medicine:

Rice University:


Postdoc and staff candidates interested in applying to work in the group should email Dr. St-Pierre with a CV and a short paragraph describing your background and interest in the lab. Postdoc candidates should provide the contact info of at least three references. Staff candidates should provide contact information for 2-3 letters of experience, as appropriate given the years and nature of previous experience.