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Francois Neuroscience Seminar


Harry's PhD defense cake! A true JEDI


Harry during his PhD defense


Harry's PhD defense party at Valhalla!


James' PhD defense! Congratulations Dr. Lee

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Sham's goodbye lunch @ 6th floor conference room. We definitely recommend Jinya takeout to offset future freezes. December 2022.


Jump, Sayed, Jump!

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A wild banana wanders into the star wars universe!

After devouring several pounds of brisket @Truth barbecue. June 2022.

Good-bye dinner for Jack and Kevin! Summer 2021.

Celebrate Peter's graduation @ The cooking girl.

Lab dinner @ Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant & Lounge.

Dan (left) got a job at NanoStrings in Seattle! Goodbye dinner in February 2017.

Lab Brunch @ Xochi.

Tensae (left) and James (right) @ Xochi.

From left to right: Eric, Peter, and Harvey. December 2017.

Francois at Dan's goodbye dinner @ Istanbul cafe. February 2017.

Lab photo in our formal lab attire. June 2017.

Eric and his giant stack of plates. July 2016.

Research Assistant Kevin Colbert adjusting microscope hardware.

Graduate student Zhuohe (Harry) Liu looking through the eyepiece.


Francois (left) explaining microscopy techniques to summer student Hussam Ibrahim (right).

In lab. Francois (left), Asuka (front), Hussam (back), and Tyler (right). July 2016.

Outside Baylor College of Medicine. Asuka (far left), Tyler (left), Francois (right), and Hussam (far right). July 2016.

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